About Us

Non-profit club from Miami University

Our mission is to provide underprivileged children access to online learning and encourage their future education. The scope of our work includes computer refurbishing and 1:1 mentoring for students from Aiken High School who are second generation refugees from Nepal. Our goal is to teach them how to refurbish old computers that have been donated by Miami University and other contributors. The students can learn about basic computer knowledge and how to identify the order of hardware components. During the refurbishing process, the Humanitarian STEM Service Corps organizes volunteer students to perform mentoring activities for the Aiken HS students participating in our program. At the end of the computer refurbishing program, participating students will have the opportunity to keep the computers for themselves. In providing these students with such resources, we hope to encourage them in their confidence and willingness to step into STEM-related fields after graduating high school.

For more information you can view our page on the university hub page here